Take on-site casino marketing promotions to a new level...

SweepstakesLIVE-HD is a real time sweepstakes drawing system designed for displaying contest winner’s names and ad content on a network of video monitors, located throughout a casino. SweepstakesLIVE! provides casino marketers with the tools they need to create and manage real-time, on-site marketing promotions.  SweepstakesLIVE! adds an element of entertainment and excitement to the on-site marketing experience. 

How it works...

SweepstakesLIVE! is used everyday by casinos for managing 'sweepstakes style' promotions on their local digital signage networks. SweepstakesLIVE! can run on your existing digital signage system, or it can be setup to run on a separate, self contained network.  Here's how it typically works: The Marketing or Promotions department selects a group of winners for a particular event. The winners can be manually entered into the system or captured from another system.  The event starts with a 20 second animated opening (with optional music), which is branded for the specific promotion. The winner's names are displayed on screen throughout the property, for a specific length of time.  The object of the game is for the winners to arrive at the displayed location before the game timer runs out, to claim their prize.

User friendly software

SweepstakesLIVE! provides an element of entertainment and excitement for your customers. Use the Banner Ad feature to rotate advertisements or other messages during the game, while 'all eyes' are watching - for maximum exposure.

SweepstakesLIVE! events can be managed right from your desktop PC. Multiple winners lists and events can be stored for easy retrieval. You can also easily make on-screen updates to display when a winner has claimed their prize.

Case Study: Wind Creek Bethlehem casino

Company Profile
Located about an hour north of Philadelphia, PA, the Wind Creek Bethlehem casino features over 3,000 slot machines, 200 table games and runs lots of sweepstakes and giveaway promotions, almost every day.

Wind Creek was in need of a system that would allow them to execute many promotions per week, sometimes five or six per day.  The system would need to take control of all of the video monitors on property, display the promotion’s branded animated graphics, and then display the winner’s names. The promotions run for a predetermined time period, then once complete, the system needs to reset the video monitors to back to what they were doing, before the event started.  And all of this needs to happen without dedicated AV or IT support; all promotions are run by marketing staff, from their desks

SweepstakesLIVE! was the perfect solution. It met all of Wind Creek’s requirements. It was cost effective and once installed, could be easily run by marketing and promotions staff. SweepstakesLIVE! also included flexible options for connecting to their existing digital signage network, which significantly simplified installation. And as an added bonus, it provided the ability to rotate banner ads during promotions events.  Wind Creek has successfully incorporated SweepstakesLIVE! into their on-site marketing strategy and uses the system almost daily. 

“The player has been going strong and running well”
David G.
Wind Creek Bethlehem

See how Wind Creek Bethlehem is using SweepstakesLIVE!