Build a cloud managed video channel for your business...

SineSix Cloud allows you to easily create and manage a video network, or “channel”, comprised of LCD video monitors. These monitors can be located anywhere there is an available Internet connection. Each monitor is connected to a SineSix media appliance, also known as the sinePlayer. The sinePlayer supports HD video, images, RSS NewsPages, and there’s even an option for live ATSC TV. The sinePlayer connects to the Internet and supports WIFI or a wired ethernet connection. Media content is managed through an intuitive and user-friendly cloud application, so you can add, update or schedule content from almost anywhere, with ease. Build a media channel for your business, create ad campaigns, entertainment channels, employee communications and more.

Monitor the health of your sinePlayers at a glance

The Player Health window provides a quick visual indication of how your network is doing. Green is good, and red is, well...not so good and most likely means that there's a problem with the Internet connection.  Just click on a player icon to open the Player Status window to get more detailed info.

See what's really going on...

Player Status gives you near real-time status updates on your players, including currently running media and playlist, as well as the last time your sinePlayer checked in.  It can also display near real-time screen shots of what's actually running on the monitor.

Always on Schedule...

The Scheduler window allows you to create events like playlist and mode changes with ease.  For instance, you can quickly setup a daily event to change a menu board from breakfast to lunch, everyday at a specfic time, or schedule an advertising campaign to start and end on specifc dates.

The sinePlayer

The sinePlayer media appliance is powerful and compact. It features an HDMI video output and can be easily mounted behind a video monitor. The sinePlayer works great with 5G/LTE cellular MIFI hotspot/modems, for remote locations without Internet access.